Support of Ukrainian soldiers

Teachers, small entrepreneurs, doctors, tourist guides, artists, athletes, social activists, scientists. We have known and worked with many of them for years. None of them had ever been a professional military person before. Now, however, they are all defending the freedom and integrity of their country and, indirectly, the freedom and integrity of Europe as a whole. Male and female soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Most of those we know volunteered for Ukrainian Armed Forces. Some for the second time, having combat experience from 2014-15. Others came into contact with the military only after February 24, 2022.

How do we help? We deliver equipment directly to people on the first and second front lines. All our activities are coordinated with local Ukrainian staff, who informs us us current needs. We provide cars, mainly buses, which, after a little tuning, serve as vehicles for evacuating the wounded from the battlefield, but also off-road and even passenger cars, because they are also needed. In addition to cars, we supply spare parts, in particular those that are damaged the fastest in driving conditions near the frontline, i.e. rims and tires. We have already taken hundreds of the latter to eastern Ukraine. We also supply night vision, communication equipment, drones, bulletproof vests, clothing, sleeping bags, sleeping mats, trekking shoes, backpacks and other necessities. Since autumn, we have also been transporting equipment that supplies electricity and heat. These are primarily power generators tailored to the needs of specific recipients, but also metal stoves for heating makeshift shelters where soldiers are staying.

We conduct both financial and in-kind fundraising. We search for equipment in Poland and abroad, in every available source. Everything we buy or collect, we deliver personally or through trusted Ukrainian organizations. Our main partner, mLeasing, is a huge support in this regard, which, in addition to subsidizing some purchases, provides a bus for our activities and also finances fuel. Ukrainians defend their home, the lives of their children and parents, they defend their land. With our actions, we want to support people who operate on the first and second lines, because they ensure the safety of civilians, they deliver humanitarian aid, water and medicine to regions near the front line. They are the ones who evacuate civilians from Ukrainian cities.

These people are sons, husbands and fathers, daughters, mothers and wives. We want them to come home alive and alive.

In order to survive and to be able to help civilian residents, they need protective gear, vehicles and other equipment. Now, after many months of war, as a result of the destruction of infrastructure, they also begin to need what was not needed at the beginning, or replace what has already worn out. Equipment is still needed to enable life in the trenches, where there is no safe drinking water and no electricity. Our support is small in scale compared to the help provided to the Ukrainian army by, for example, governments of various countries or large international organizations. But sometimes it's the small channels of support that make the big difference in getting exactly what you need to the right place and to the right people. In addition, our support arrives quickly. Krakow, where the headquarters of our foundation is located, has become a transit city to which we can easily and safely deliver the necessary help, and then quickly transport it further. Our transports to different regions of Ukraine arrive approximately every week.

The scale of needs is gigantic, but every, absolutely every help matters.