Water for Ukraine

At the moment, this is the most urgent need in frontline towns, liberated by the Ukrainian army from Russian occupation, where we are reaching as soon as possible. Russia is destroying critical infrastructure, which translates into power outages in cities, towns and villages. Where there is a water supply network, no electricity means no water, because the pumps are not working. State services try to repair the damage on an ongoing basis, but they are unable to keep up with the damage, so where they manage to repair the infrastructure, water is available, but it is rationed, i.e. it is available for a few hours a day, which necessitates its storage. That is why first we organized cisterns and water containers, then filters, now we provide the residents with canisters, along with other humanitarian aid.

The greatest costs of the war are borne by the poor, the elderly, those threatened with social exclusion by the war, and now living in ruins or a corner with their neighbours. These people don't understand "big politics" and they don't understand changing flags outside the windows. They do not understand why someone suddenly destroys their house, just their house, kills animals, forces children and grandchildren to go out into the world.

The first question they ask is always "why?". The second - "will it ever end...?".

We could do relatively little. We don't have answers to these questions either. But thanks to you, we managed to make life a little easier for these people, and thanks to the efforts of many, many volunteers, we were able to directly show them simple, human solidarity.